About Kambo and Future Sessions

What is it?

Kambo is a secretion from a green tree frog, Phyllomedusa Bicolor, which lives in the upper areas of the Amazon Rainforest. It has no natural predators – even snakes spit it back out if they swallow them.

They are found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, French Guiana, Suriname and Venezuela. The IUCN database lists them in the ‘Least Concern’ category in view of their wide distribution and large population.

Kambo is completely legal everywhere in the world. The only restriction that exists is in Brazil where it is forbidden to advertise or market Kambo in order to restrict biopiracy.
A Kaxinawá legend tells that the Indians of the tribe were very ill and their medicine man (Pajé) had done everything that was possible to cure them. Under the effect of sacred plant medicines, he entered the forest, were he received a visit from the Grandmother. She brought in her hands a frog, from which she took a white secretion, and taught the Pajé how to apply it. Returning to the tribe and following the guidelines that he had received the Pajé was able to cure his brothers. From then on he was known as Pajé Kampu. After his death, his spirit lived on in the frog where it continued its mission to protect the health of those who defend the forest.

The Indians continue to use its secretion to stay active and healthy. The secretion became known as Kambo but in some tribes it is called Sapo, Kampu or Vacina da Floresta. Its usage spread and it is still used widely amongst indigenous people in the Amazon to this day although the rituals vary from tribe to tribe.

What is Kambo used for?

The use of Kambo differs amongst tribes but the main indigenous uses revolve around lifting Panema – an indigenous name for dark or negative energy and for Hunting Magic – they believe it their speed and energy during hunting and that it makes the hunter invisible by temporarily eliminating their human odour. There are many ways they use it medicinally too, including: malaria, snake bites, fevers, infections, fertility problems, to cleanse, detox and strengthen the mind and body, to increase energy and stamina and to reduce pain.
Kambo is one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anaesthetic substances on the planet and one of the strongest, natural ways to strengthen the immune system. It also detoxes the liver and the intestines so it’s a powerful cleanser. Immediate and short term effects include enhanced mood, alertness, clarity, focus, energy and increased resistance to stress, tiredness, hunger and thirst. The mind becomes still, you feel lighter and everything becomes easier to manage.

In the longer term, Kambo empowers the immune system, rousing the body’s defence systems to their natural functions so that existing health problems are improved or resolved and future ones are less likely to occur. In spiritual terms, Kambo works in a mystical fashion as a light that opens the way, helping us to overcome obstacles and release blockages on an emotional level. It clears our energy field and realigns the chakras enabling us to break negative habits and think more naturally.

The Kambo process

Kambo is intense but fast. The unpleasant effects are strong and immediate but over within 30 – 40 minutes. The dried Kambo is mixed with a small amount of water and divided into small dots. Then small points are placed into the surface of the skin. The top thin layer of skin is blistered with a hot stick and the skin is peeled off to expose the epidermis underneath – this is not as deep as when you have a blister and the skin rubs off. There is no blood. The small dots of Kambo are applied to the points. The Kambo enters directly into the Lymphatic System so the effect is very fast. Most people experience a warm to hot flush on the upper body and face along with increased heart rate. Some will feel dizzy, foggy or spaced out. Some people have swollen lips or face and slight skin tingling. The Kambo will be racing around the body, scanning it for problems and then going directly to work on those areas.
Kambo is not psychoactive so does not produce hallucinations but many do receive insights and messages about living a healthier life. Then they will purge all the toxins out. This purging process works on a physical and emotional level. Within a short time – usually an hour or so, one will feel much better and can drink and eat normally. The burn marks will heal and fade with time but depending on the skin colour. The same points can be reused after approximately 3 months. After the dots of Kambo are removed, the points are dressed with Peruvian tree sap. This helps them to heal faster and ensures they stay free from infection until they scab naturally within a day or so.

Kambo Medicine and More Healing Sessions 

We offer a variety of Kambo sessions around the Gold Coast and beyond

What you might experience working with Kambo:

  • Let go of emotional blocks
  • Clear out physcial toxins
  • Gain more stamina and strength
  • Boost your immunity
  • Feel whole again
  • Let go of the past / toxic relationships
  • Alleviate stress
  • Strengthen your chakras
  • Boost your self esteem
  • Detox
  • Open your heart and connect to spirit (3rd eye activation)
  • Release ‘Panema’ (bad energy)
  • Gain a deeper connection with your True Self, Spirit and your Purpose
  • Resolve trauma and blocked emotions
  • Remove obstacles to reaching your life purpose
  • Increase physical well-being and healing
  • Gain relief from pain, suffering and stuck energy
  • Increase your Awareness
  • Gain grounding … and more

 If you are feeling called to work with this medicine,  join us at one of these Upcoming Kambo Medicine Sessions

Book for Kambo below:

July 2017 Dates – Gold Coast / Brisbane  July 2017 Dates – Sydney  August 2017 Dates – Gold Coast / Brisbane

More dates to come soon – To be notified of future dates, please email us on info@journeytotheinside.com.au

*** Please pay particular attention to the “Who can’t take Kambo” section, to ensure the experience is right for you, if you have any of the conditions listed in the section, I may not be able to work with you. If you have any other notable conditions that you are unsure about if they apply, or you wish to contact me about your specific situation, you can reach me directly on jana@journeytotheinside.com.au***

Why do people take Kambo?

Scientific studies show that Phyllomedusa bicolor poison is made up of many peptides that are beneficial to the human body. Some of these peptides traverse the blood-brain barrier and stimulate the endocrine glands of the brain, resulting in an immune effect and a deep cleanse of the body. Kambo has antibiotic properties and strengthens the immune system while physically destroying pathogenic microorganisms. Kambo is traditionally known to be anti inflammatory, to heal eyesight, and to cure pain. The peptides and their effects are reported cover a wide range of potential medical uses: treatment of brain diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson, depression, migraines, blood circulation problems, vascular insufficiency, organ diseases, cancer, fertility problems in women, AIDS, hepatitis and more.

Kambo is Non-Hallucinogenic

Kambo is a very physical experience which involves a feeling of heat in the body usually followed by vomiting and sometimes evacuating from the intestines as the body purges toxins from the various organs. The mind is often made quite clear and focused and some say they receive specific messages. Kambo works mostly to purge the body of toxins and what is called “panema” or a heaviness, dullness of body and spirit. The experience with Kambo is very much like getting sick and the energetic and health benefits that many report usually come in the days and weeks that follow.

Duration of the Kambo Experience

A typical Kambo ceremony lasts about 3-4 hours. The time spent in the peak of the cleansing and purgative process can be as short as 10 minutes and as long as a couple of hours. Typically you are done in about 10-30 minutes

Sananga medicine 

Sananga is an eye medicine (eye drops) also served at our Kmabo sessions. This medicine can help you to open up and get ready to work with Kambo. Sananga is are said to help you gain more clarity and guidance in life and anecdotally have also been said to bring more good luck.

Rapé medicine

A ground tobacco medicine served as a blow inside each nostril, it can help to ground you, open up your heart and often acts as a way to help you finish your release. It is most often a powerful and important part of your whole process on the day.

More information on the above two medicines can be found on the full Information leaflet attached.

What is included in our service

  • Kambo, Rapé and Sananga medicines
  • Healing Songs
  • Food and teas for after the ceremony
  • Cleansing Alkaline Kangen Water – during the session and free 1 month of refills post-Kambo (Gold Coast only)
  • Love and Support from a Fully Qualified IAKP Practitioner
  • 3 Post-Kambo Integration Plans
  • 1 month Mind-Guidance healing process
  • A welcome into our Kambo Tribe community (a Secret Facebook group which helps people to stay in touch with one-another, invites to our events and support post-Kambo

My Qualifications/Support

I am a certified Kambo Medicine Practitioner with the IAKP (International Association of Kambo Practitioners) and possess many other skills in helping people such as experience with a large number of plant medicines, being a certified Trainer in NLP(Neuro-linguistic Programming, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, having been in the personal development industry for over 3 years and having served hundreds of individuals.

Contraindications (Who can’t take Kambo)

It is not recommended to give kambo to anyone with heart problems or anyone who has had bypass surgery. The reason for this is that the heart rate will increase for about 5 minutes and the heart must be healthy to accommodate this. Kambo is not recommended for pregnant women or women who are breast feeding, nor the elderly, people with Addison’s disease, anyone on chemotherapy, or with high blood pressure treated with medication, those with very low blood pressure, or the severely ill.

Kambo has no known detrimental side effects so when it is responsibly administered it is completely safe. There are very few people who cannot take it but this is not an exhaustive list so please let us know beforehand if you have serious health problems. Treatment cannot be given to those who are or have had:

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding a child under 1 year
  • Serious heart conditions including pacemaker, valve disease, bypass surgery and enlarged heart
  • Blood clots
  • Addison’s disease
  • Extremely low blood pressure that is controlled by medication
  • Stroke or Aneurysm or Bleeding in the brain
  • Serious Mental Health conditions
  • Organ transplant surgery
  • Under 18
  • In the Middle of, or have been fasting

What our clients say about our Kambo sessions

“My experience with Kambo was exceptional and richly rewarding, kind of like being in the amazon without any trees. Jana is a super competent and very high level healer and I cannot remember being as impressed in along time. A very skilled and highly compassionate and caring team with essences of goodness. I have noticed over the last few days a deeper healing and purpose and the lessening of a precancerous skin lesion as well as a greater sense of hope about other health challenges, my immune system is powering and i personally believe this to be a vital absolutely neccesary first step in serious disease solution series of protocols, I would recommend it especially for cancer and hiv. The connection to earth is stronger and I was given visions of my present state of health that will lead to even more motivation to heal. I thoroughly recommend Jana and Col as exceptional human beings and very highly skilled proffessionals and will be doing as much to publicise and get people using Kambo all over the world as I consider it a world changing, life enhancing medicine.” 

Kip Johnstone, Byron Bay, NSW

“Beautiful location, beautiful people. I am feeling on top of the world and so good I hope I can sleep tonight. Thank you I cannot wait to come again 🙂 x” 

Lisa Forrest, Parkwood, QLD

“Well I have to say the aftermath of Kambo has been quite revealing. I has been incredibly insightful for me. I will be doing this again for sure 🙂 Thank you! xxx” 

Anthea Pearson, Suffolk Park, QLD

“I love the clarity and call to action it brings, and I had to de clutter. Been very busy sorting things both personal and professional. Very happy to have released that which was not serving me and I seemed to want to hang onto, I didnt sweat like that the first time, very intense experience. The Rapé was beautiful, took me to my block of land where I sat under the largest tree and listened, so I had to do this the first chance I got which was very peaceful 🙂 ” 

Brian Hayes, South West Rocks, NSW

“l had an amazing time at my first session. Jana is very caring practitioner and she makes your journey very comfortable. l will be attending to the more ceremonies..lt was a very special session l had 🙂 Many Thanks Dear Jana :)”

Ela Oz, Macquarie University, NSW

“It’s six days now since my first Kambo ceremony, and I’m feeling clarity around my absorption of the gifts and lessons from the experience.. as much as I’ve been able to be open to this.The first blessing that arises is regarding empowerment. I feel much more confident within myself and in interaction with others.

There is more clarity around personal responsibility.. that although I will do all I can for the planet within the limits of self-care, what others are doing is outside my personal responsibility. I feel for others in their suffering, but no longer feel guilt around this or take their pain on board.Through this I feel much more relaxed, and enjoying life as I’ve always dreamt of.I have more clarity of mind in reflection and in communication.

My typing speed has improved after being drastically affected by Lyme disease 5 years ago.. I see this as a very good sign regarding Kambo assisting my Lyme recovery, as I had dared to hope it would. Just the fact of knowing that I had the courage to take Kambo has also been empowering. I wear my points with pride and not ashamed of this. In this sense, the Kambo ceremony has provided a much needed and previously absent rite of passage.I enjoyed having my body smell differently after the ceremony. I had read that Kambo is used to change the body scent to assist with hunting, and to experience this was surprising and pleasant.

My experience of pain for some 4 days after the ceremony was much altered.. my sensitivity in the skin was normal, but pain I did not feel, nor was sensitive to cold. Also my stamina was enhanced and I could run much further than normal without fatigue.

My self-work has been greatly enhanced, with a lot of movement regarding core beliefs. My thoughts have continued to have their own life, yet this worries me less, and I have had extended moments of peace and connection. In the sense that love is an action, I have become more loving through the Kambo experience.

From what I have learned of the healing power of this medicine, and with the expert guidance of Jana Klintoukh, I look forward with patience and respect to my next sacred journey with Kambo”.

Daya Namana, Maroochydore, QLD

“My mum & I had a Kambo ceromony with the lovely Jana. She held such a loving caring & safe space. My experience was quite deep but I feel such peace while I’m recovering..looking forward to feeling amazing tomorrow.
Thank you Jana Klintoukh , I will be highly recommending you & be seeing u myself again!! ❤️❤️”

Karen Spencer, Strathpine, QLD

“It was an amazing experience, the medicine has certainly helped clear the mental fog that has been slowly building. Although my energy levels are generally high, I feel a lot lighter and clean like I have just undertaken a fast … this water is also amazing. Thank you for the special soup, the music, the words of wisdom and guidance and being there at my worst, you are a beautiful, caring and free spirit … living proof that your medicines bring freedom, creativity and joy into life.”

Brent Abel, Daisy Hill, QLD

“Hello beautiful soul, I just wanted to express my gratitude for the work that you did for me. I am completely blown away with your delivery, and am feeling like a million bucks today! This afternoon I have spent hours chilling amongst the trees surrounding my cabin, playing Didge, drinking Shou Peur (fermented) Tea, and doing light body movement Chi Gung etc. Thank you soo much Jana, It is a real privilege to have met you.”

Sergei Tsirkov, Bellbird Park, QLD

“Hey Jana, I want to thank you sincerely for the session today. It was a truely incredible experience. Your work is amazing and you are one beautiful human (and your hugs are second to none) I hope to meet you again sometime!”

Cleighton Stevens, Sassafras, VIC

“Jana! Far out. That was with out a doubt one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had. I have felt a lot of clarity in myself since the ceremony and truly feel I have reconnected to my intuition on a level a have not felt in some time. It is carrying into my work and the sessions I have been having with people – opening up a stronger connection and helping others find their direction in a very open and flowing way. It is just so nice to be in touch energetically with myself and others. I feel the effects of the Kambo still taking place now, the detox is still taking place and my body is healing, I can feel it. You are amazing, the space you held and the fun energy during that rather intense experience made for a very powerful outcome. Thank you so so much. It was a very special Saturday afternoon. Much love”

Nick Perry, Palm Beach, QLD

“Thankyou, It (the session) was beautiful and so are you! I did have a powerful release! I feel very different in my heart space tonight…Thank you for being there and bringing the medicine into our concrete jungle to remind us of the real one!!”

Kathy Graham, QLD

“Hi Jana. Thank you so much for having me there! It was a great experience! I am glad I went and glad to meet you guys. As I tried to explain I had done Kambo twice before in Brazil but in a more informal setting without much guidance. It really does help to have a more structured session, support and the other combined medicines. I feel great! Thank you!

I hope I can keep these vibes in my daily life now, but I will certainly be going back for more session in the future. The rattling is real good isn`t it. I remember being once in an ayahuasca session at Santo Daime and for some reason they did not have any maracas or other rattles and it was just not the same. Doing it also helps me focus instead of letting the mind wander. =) Congratulations for the work you do! It is really a beautiful mission!”

Gustavo Bolzani, Gold Coast, QLD

“3 sessions in 3 days wowza! Thank you so much Jana for the incredible space that you hold, your wisdom, guidance and incredible caring nature. I feel amazing this morning.. Your work is magical

You are an incredibly intuitive Kambo practitioner and I would recomend you to anyone that wishes to journey with the frog xx

Thank you Jana, Cheers, Brenda xx

Brenda McCarthy, Coopers Plains, QLD

“Absolutely beautiful, can’t thank Jana and her team enough for the opportunity to work with Kambo. I can’t express how wonderful I was treated and brought into an awesome space with amazing energy. Cannot recommend enough!”

Locklan Om, Elanora, QLD

“Hands down, the best detox and cleanse I’ve ever experienced. Obviously the purging is a little uncomfortable but the profound sense of healing I got after all 3 times was more than enough to make me an advocate of this medicine for life. Keep up the great work Jana!!”

Waan, Gold Coast, QLD

“After the 3rd kambo session within 7 days, i woke today feeling clear and motivated. My energy feels grounded, activated & ive noticed a change in my thought patterns, where judgement used to creep in, now my default is compassion and love. 

Jana & Rutger hold beautiful sacred ceremonial space where i felt held and supported through out the journey and beyond with an integration process being provided. Much Love and gratitude.”

Sharnee Horwood, Gold Coast, QLD

Thanks Jana for the awesome experience ive had with Kambo frog medicine.

Great to feel comfortable before the actual treatment even through the purging I felt I was looked after and comfortable especially the encouragement there after. The singing drumming and sageing was part of the essence of who you truly are a Healer thank you for that and thank you Kambo frog medicine Love and Light Namaste Col Beck.

Col Beck, Gold Coast, QLD

“l had two Kambo sessions with Jana earlier this year and I came back again as I had a powerful shift in my attitude toward a friend whom I had a disagreement with. Thank heavens for Kambo as it gave me a sudden shift in my mind into one of building a bridge with my friend and my relationship with him has improved and all is well again.

I would love to do some more sessions but finances don’t allow me to. Meanwhile I have researched Ayahuasca for some time now but can’t afford the trip to Peru, so Kambo was the next best thing and I’m glad I did as it has helped me move forward in many areas such as fasting two days a week . I can become manic and run around doing too many things so fasting has slowed me down and I am enjoying my fasting as it’s so good just to chill out, relax, take it easy and get some more rest and sleep. I hope to do some more sessions of Kambo in the near future with Jana so I can continue to move forward in my journey of mind, body and spirit.
Jana was very patient, down to earth and even humorous which allowed me to feel comfortable to settle down within the group. I would highly recommend Kambo to anyone who would like to gain some insights and awareness and move forward on their life’s journey.”

Keith Westhead, Brisbane QLD

“This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in Kambo. Jana provides all the necessary information beforehand to prepare yourself and then wonderful guidance during your journey. Thanks and I’ll be back!”

Craig Smith, Darwin, NT

“It has been a bleeding to find kambo and to have made the journey with Jana’s kind and calming presence. When we are ready the teachers appear and l am very ready to release my fear my angst my pain and my toxins into a new and exciting beginning. I am coming out of a deep sleep and kambo is definitely the thing to help us to move forward into prosperity and freedom Thank you sooooo so much ”

Tatjana Marjanovich, Varsity Lakes, QLD

“I had Kambo journey with Jana and Col and it was absolutely amazing. Kambo is incredible healing medicine for emotional and trauma release and overall body cleanse and detox. Jana and Col are very gentle, professional and helpful. I will definitely do it again and recommend to my friends.”

Anastasha Grace Deyour, Brisbane QLD

“Thank you Jana for a very positive Kambo experience. It was my first time and I felt very safe and comfortable. The medicine continued to work on me well after the ceremony. Recommended to anyone seeking change”

Glenn Anthony, Gold Coast, QLD

“After researching how affective Kambo is medicinally, I went to Jana’s Journey to the inside Kambo experience to see if I could help reduce the affects of a skin condition.

But boy did I get so much more!

I had been going through a period in life where I felt stuck. I couldn’t seem to get myself out of hard life challenges. I was so nervous about doing this treatment, it was a new thing I was trying and I had no idea of what to expect. The information provided prior to the treatment was thorough, i felt like I understood the process and already felt like I was in a safe and protected environment.

Jana’s calm and loving energy made everyone who attended feel at ease and comfortable. Jana, went trough the process before we commenced and made sure that everyone understood everything and answered any questions we may of had. Then the everyone had their own treatments, the flow was seemless and I felt like I was dealing with a highly experienced professional.

I walked away from the day feeling full of love and contentment and I knew that my take away was to always act with love and not ego and to forgive and let go of any grudges. I have been practicing the the daily routines that Jana sent through and my life has taken a major shift. I can now feel the challenges shifting and I look at them in a completely new light. Challenges are opportunities for growth.

The other great part is that I have not had any skin issues since either. So Jana, my gratitude for you is so extremely high. Thank you for helping me take a journey to the inside of me and solving my personal issues.


Cas Stewart, Burleigh Heads, QLD

“My most comfortable Kambo experience thus far on my medicine journey! Jana is so thoughtful and caring and makes sure you have everything you could possibly need including Kangen alkaline water, not only to drink pre ceremony but some to take home too!!! Jana has thought of everything, the package includes 2 other medicines before and after the Kambo, one of which blew my mind or actually my heart (in a good way!) I was super impressed with everything already then received a follow up I mail which included a play list with all the beautiful songs from my ceremony! I’ll be back for sure! Thank you beautiful Jana ”

Joanne Jordan, Gold Coast, QLD

“Excellent fascillitator for self development, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth.

A genuine and inspiring experience.

I found it personally one of the best choices I made. Opening a whole new world of self-actualisation and personel development.

Jana is very pragmatic and integral in her mission to help those who are seeking it.

Viva, Tim”

Tim Genikov, Sydney, NSW

Thanks for providing this special healing modality, Jana provides such a scared space for these beautiful sessions to unfold. Kambo for me provides a deep cleansing, detoxing and renewal of the mind, body and spirit. I have throughly enjoyed my many sessions and look forward to the next one. Thank you beauty Xx Dayna 

Dayna Williams, Brisbane, QLD

I’m feel very grateful to met Jana and her team in this beautiful and powerful ceremony. Jana treated us with love and attention in all process. It was a big pleasure to share this experience with her. Absolutely wonderful 

Mariana Zago, Gold Coast, QLD

Giving Back

A portion from every Kambo Session sold goes to the Matses Project – An Association that helps to support the Matses community, located on the border of Peru and Brazil (this is also the people from whom we get our Kambo medicine). Thank-you for your support.


Kambo Session $200 including Rapé and Sananga medicines

Your session deposit secures your spot for the session. Our sessions are limited to just up to 7 people per ceremony, please book early to avoid disappointment.

Kambo 3 Session Pack $500 (Save $100) Perfect for those of you wanting to go deep and have the most effective cleansing with this medicine, I recommend you book these within 30 days of one another, preferably on 3 consequitive days. Must be used within 3 months after first Kambo session.

One on One $350 Please contact me on jana@journeytotheinside.com.au for my availability. All one on one sessions also include an intuitive healing at the end.

Traveling to you / Hosting me for Kambo If you want me to travel to you and serve you Kambo at your home or you know of a number of people wanting to do this, you can contact me and enquire about the possibility of me travelling out to you to serve Kambo to your community/ friends/ family. Pricing varies depending on numbers of people booking for the sessions and the location.

Intuitive Add-on

A short Intuitive healing can also be provided at the end of your Kambo session, these last about 5 minutes, but 5 minutes is all we need. As an example – I tune into your spirit body and can help you to open up your chakras, release stuck energy, share something relevant about the past and direction for the future, open up energetic channels in your body that have been blocked and more. Those are just some examples and everyone’s session is different in what we do for you. Add-on exchange amount – $50

Other Notes

Please note that after your deposit payment is made, the amount paid is non-refundable. The amount paid for your session can be transferred to a future Kambo session date if a minimum of 3 days notice is given to us prior to your scheduled Kambo date. This allows us time to fill your spot. Thank-you for understanding.

If you happen to miss out on this opportunity, please email info@journeytotheinside.com.au so I can put you on the waiting list if a spot opens up or to organise another date for you.

Hope to see you with us!

Lots of Love, Jana Klintoukh



Book for Kambo below:

July 2017 Dates – Gold Coast / Brisbane  July 2017 Dates – Sydney  August 2017 Dates – Gold Coast / Brisbane