My Story

Something different
Through my young years, I was also enrolled in the Army (so hard to believe considering where I am now and my current belief systems) . It taught me a lot about leadership, mateship, survival skills in nature and that being in a hierarchical system that uses fear, rigidity and uniformity is not my future. Though I appreciate all it taught me, Training up and being a military Officer was certainly not for me.

Formal Education
After finishing grade 12, I went on to study a 5 year double double degree in Environmental Design, followed by a 2 year Study in the Masters of Architecture. I felt it was an avenue where I could express my creativity and create a big impact on the planet.. How wrong I was when after my degree I settled into a full-time job as a Graduate Architect/Receptionist (you have to start at the bottom, they said…)
What went from “The happiest day of my life” when I got that job, quickly, after just a few months turned into a living nightmare, where I struggled with the fact that everyday was basically the same, I was surrounded by white walls, stress, being told what to do and boring paperwork for 50 hours a week and worst of all I felt like I was making such little difference in the world through my work. This was a problem!!

A new Direction
I started to read mind-opening texts and going to workshops, where I was shown an opportunity to help people in a big way, via the method of Hypnosis. I begged my boss to give me, after just 2 months of working at the Architecture firm the time off to do this short course, and luckily I managed to get it! I cam back and started to feel A MAJOR CONFLICT INSIDE MYSELF. Staying in the job I worked so hard for (and was so ‘lucky’ to have) made all the sense in the world, but I started crying every single day for the next week, not knowing why… and every time I felt about having my own business helping others, I felt a great big glow around me and felt incredible.. SO I DID IT!
I quit and started working as a Hypnotherapist, without any guarantee I will find work, and with persistence, after about 6 weeks, the clients started coming in!


Since then, I spent the next few years OBSESSIVELY studying a myriad of courses. From healing modalities, NLP, Time Line Therapy work, Hypnosis, Intuition training, Spiritual business training, Speaking courses, Sales courses, courses in communication and mentorships became the my god, as well as of course countless audio programs, books and the like became my best friends.
I then started teaching numerous courses certifying many students as new coaches and therapist in a range of modalities at a range of levels.
I was working with 9 different coaches /mentors (to date) Many of whom are international leaders in their fields.


I was out to prove something of myself, and though intellectually I could add much value to the hundreds of people I’ve worked with, there was still something inside of me I haven’t managed to fill. It is not something that I could Intellectually understand. IT MEANT I HAD TO STRAT WORKING WITH A WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL OF MYSELF.

Working with Nature
One of my Mentors along the way, years after my initial change of line of work, said something to me (Stop locking yourself in your room and learning from books and people and start learning from nature, and Have you heard of AYAHUASCA?)
I hadn’t at that point, and was very curious to try.. Whatever it took to help me with the issues I was still struggling with inside of myself, such as needing to prove something of myself, judging myself, the pain of a recent heartbreak and I was also extremely bored with life … Surely, there must be something out there that’s more exciting, this can’t be all that there is to life? Though leaving the Architecture career has allowed more freedom and excitement in of new opportunities, I still was consumed the dullness of the mundane world ever present around me.
AYAHUASCA gave me back that colour. It’s like an onion I keep peeling of various revelations around myself, the world around me and healing that I feel with no Western modality would have been possible.
It is no longer working with the Conscious and Unconscious Minds as we deal with in Western techniques and Modalities, but dealing with the Higher Conscious.
Ayahuasca became an Incredible teacher which has helped me to shed the pains and the issues around myself in the most profound and rapid way, it has given me colour, direction and meaning – A GIFT to which I could never put a price.. If I did, it would certainly far exceed all the the money I could fathom, certainly in the billions.
Since Ayahuasca I have had the privilege in working with KAMBO – a medicine very different form Ayahuasca in how it is used and the kind of healing it facilitates. A great big cleanse on the level of the Physical, Mental, Emotional. A great tool for letting go of the old to be able to bring in the new. I was also extremely lucky (or was it divine order) that brought me to a place where I could learn how to administer this medicine, therefore today Kambo becoming a great big part of what I do for people.

I have also worked many times with the spirits of Rapé and Wachuma (San Pedro), both of these have also become great teachers of mine and continue to guide me through this lifetime.