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Jana is a Speaker, Author, Transformation Coach, Trainer and Spiritual Healing Practitioner with an interest in the deepest levels of transformation.

Jana speaks at National and International levels on topics ranging from Personal Development all the way through to Shamanic Plant Medicine transformation methods.

 She has had the pleasure of working with over a thousand people in various areas of their lives such as career, education, finances, relationships and health by assisting them in understanding themselves and what is possible in terms of achieving balance, clarity and transformation

She has studied with some of today’s biggest names in personal development and transformation, has run certification courses in NLP, Hypnosis, TLT and NLP Coaching at both the Practitioner and Master Practitioner level and conducted talks to schools, business organizations, conscious communities and entrepreneurs.

She has an authentic, organic approach to speaking that allows her to guide the audience in a direction that’s needed to inspire, inform and help people to create action in their lives.

She works with difference-makers and busy professionals in helping them to understand (and develop) their inner abilities and skills to create big changes to alter the course of their own lives and impact the future of the surrounding community and/or the planet.

Speaker Testimonials:


Jeffrey Slayter, Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and Philanthropist

I believe Jana has a huge heart and is on a mission in her life to go and facilitate massive shifts in this world as a Speaker and Thought-leader. I believe that she has true gift that she is bringing to the planet, and her reach will only continue to grow. She is dedicated to the clients she works with and the audiences she speaks to and has a great depth of knowledge about human behavior and potential. She brings the heart into a world where we can all too often get lost in mental clutter and looking outside ourselves for saviors and solutions, where all we need actually lies within.


Sherry Fletcher, Celebrant and Hypnobirthing Specialist

Jana speaks beautifully with heartfelt sincerity and experience, using relevant examples from her life. She has a warm, caring, thoughtful presence that encompasses every individual in the room. Jana is able to relate instantly to her audience, be they young people or more mature. Jana motivates, stimulates and energizes her audiences to look at their lives and take action, in whatever area they most need to work at! Jana is an inspirational speaker, and I see her making a real difference in this world!


Steve Pfister, Director (I’m Local)

I have had the pleasure of attending 2 presentations by Jana, the second one was for my own company breakfast that I put on for my advertisers as I was blown away by her first one. Jana is passionate about her NLP and has a great story to tell, she is engaging and informative and a pleasure to listen to. The feedback from my advertisers was one of great satisfaction and a yearning to learn more, they like me thought her communication was on our level and so we could relate and understand what it was she was talking about.


Mario Bono, Well-being for Life

Jana reminded us about the “five factors” which shape our ‘belief systems’ and which can limit our desire and commitment to achieving our life goals. It’s amazing (and re-assuring) that just being aware of this information can do so much to modify our behaviour and align our actions with our goals/values.



5 Most Common Self-Sabotage Patterns and How to Remove Them

Many find it easy to grasp that much of the programming that we attain early in our lives is nothing short of unuseful in helping us to achieve the results we want in our careers, business, relationships, wealth and wellbeing. Because the programming you hold today will typically not align with your present-day goals and ambitions, it can be a difficult task trying to work towards creating success in each area of your life when at an unconscious level you sabotage yourself, for one unconscious reason or another.

In this presentation Jana shares five important factors that occur at the unconscious level that commonly prevent us from having what we want. She gives valuable insight and plenty of ‘aha’ moments for the audience in an engaging and informative way. She speaks of obstacles, blockages, conflicts and other factors that prevent us from having fulfilling relationships, more money, great health and the like. The presentation is based on Jana’s eBook, which is designed to assist each person in removing what gets in their way of getting more of what they want.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • The blocks that are present at the deep level of your mind that hold you back
  • The source and the reason for having these unuseful patterns
  • How to change your thinking to become the master – not the victim of your mind


Ayahuasca Plant Medicine and What it can do for You

This talk is for people who feel a potential calling towards working with these plant medicines. Mainstream society has named them as drugs, when really they are Entheogens, spiritual tools for awakening.

This talk is for you if you have studied many modalities and are not getting the results you want in your life. It’s also for you if you’re looking for real, deep change in your life and you’re adventurous – not only outside, but also willing to go inside. This talk will explore the potentiality of a spiritual tool that’s been used for 1000s years while working with shamanism that’s been around for over 100’s of 1000’s years. It is a proven tool for proven results that’s been around longer than any modality on the planet.

In this presentation we will cover:

  • An understanding of the spirit of Ayahuasca plant medicine and her mission in the world
  • Learn how to finally find the answers to the questions you have been asking about your history, your future and the world we live in
  • Learn how to achieve the most complete personal transformation possible (a two-way, no-fail approach)


How to do what you Love and Get Well Paid for it

This talk will explore the pathway of the new rich. The new rich is not about just having tons of money but to be able to do what you want, when you want it. If you’re looking to leave your corporate job or want to simply make more money doing what you love, this talk is for you. Will we will explore how to remove the sabotage patterns that hurt us around our money and our time.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • 3 Mistakes that Entrepreneurs commonly make that instantly put a full stop to any progress
  • 3 common blocks most of us face on the way to financial freedom
  • 3 Juicy tips to get you out of what you don’t want almost instantly


Jana Unplugged

In this talk Jana tunes into the audience and presents on what she feels is the most needed

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Jana Klintoukh with Dr John Demartini

Star from the movie “The Secret”, Internationally Published Author, Educator and World Human Behaviour Specialist


Jana Klintoukh with Dr Bruce Lipton

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is a Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award.


Jana Klintoukh with Lissa Rankin

Lissa Rankin, M.D., is a New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine and The Fear Cure, is a physician, speaker and founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute