Wachuma San Pedro – Medicine

What is it?

Wachuma (San Pedro) has been used for more than 4,000 years in Peru for the purposes of healing, divination and expanding consciousness. This cactus is cherished by the Andean people as a powerful medicine, a sacred teacher, healer plant, and a doorway to the spiritual world.

San Pedro Wachuma is also known as the ‘San Pedro’ (Saint Peter) Cactus. To use a Christian metaphor, just as St. Peter holds the keys to the gates of heaven, this sacred cactus opens the doors of perception and allows us to enter the Spirit world, accessing a paradisiacal reality in communion with the divine. San Pedro Wachuma is a powerful catalyst for healing, meditation and self-understanding. Just as Ayahuasca is experienced as a feminine teacher plant, the Andean Shaman of Peru view San Pedro Wachuma as a benevolent Masculine teacher plant.
Each ceremony with San Pedro Wachuma produces a gentle yet profound shift in consciousness, helping us to cleanse and heal the wounds of the past while opening us to a more heart centered and conscious way of being.

What is San Pedro used for?

After having ingested the medicine, one gets a different perception of their body and will feel lighter and sensitive to what they perceive in their surroundings.
Possible vomiting or expulsion occurs most of the time with the person working with the Wachuma medicine, as the plant spirit works trough the body to eliminate poisons and toxins from the system.
You will go through moments of visions throughout the day, during which you will have a chance to appreciate nature with more interest and sensitivity than in normal conditions.
At the moment that you will be under the San Pedro’s effect, you will feel more sensitive to anything that might occur around you.
At the end of the ceremony, you will feel tired and still with the effects present in your mind and will feel like resting due to the mental work undergone during the whole day.

The San Pedro Process



The medicine is rathe bitter and dark brown in appearance, if properly prepared. The cactus is cut into strips or rounds and then boiled for about 6-10 hours.Wachuma is not combined with any other plant medicines (unlike Ayahuasca), and stands alone in the preparation process. It is a complete plant medicine teacher all by itself.

After one drinks the brew, it takes about 1 hour for the effects to begin, which will last about 12-14 hours. Depending on the emotional and mental condition of the ceremony participant, it will seem chaotic or tranquil. The shaman and the environment will be part of the equation as to how one perceives the movement of San Pedro through one’s consciousness.

Things will seem to radiate and look “unreal.” Emotionally, one often experiences both extremes, positive and negative, and also every shade in between. One may feel like laughing, in that case the teacher plant encourages the participant to laugh, as a process of release. Same with crying or releasing any other emotions form the system. This is a process of healing something from deep inside.

San Pedro heals deep wounds from the past so that people can go on living their lives in freedom, instead of fettered by past injuries. This cactus is used for healing inner afflictions, physical, mental and emotional.