Once a year, I run Ayahuasca adventures at the Amazon Jungle, Peru. My next dates for the Ayahuasca Adventure in late 2019 is yet to be announced. It is a special time, ten days for you to focus wholly on your healing journey.

We hire out a very safe, loving Ayahuasca retreat centre specifically where you can go deep.

Each year we take only 10 -18 people with us. It is a very special experience and I always make sure that everyone who comes with us are vibrating on the same frequency and there will be alignment within the group as we think it makes a big difference – the kind of people you have with you.

This path of working with this medicine is certainly not a path that everyone chooses to take, for the courage and dedication it takes. As a reward for this inner journey, what I have seen in myself and others are powerful transformations and alignment with spirit.

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I support you from moment of you jumping on board with us for this adventure, all the way through to after the retreat. This experience, for many is the most intense and powerful journey of their lives. You will face challenges or parts of yourself you may have refused to look at in the past, you might uncover the greatest truths about your existence and wonder how on earth you will piece this new-found knowledge into your life? This is where I come in. I have spent the last 5 years working with people to to heal, to let go, to raise the qualities of their lives and more. By using the medicine of Ayahausca (and other medicines alongside too), we can move mountains together.

To break it down a little more, how I help is in preparing the body, preparing your mind and spirit, what to bring, where might you go afterwards to travel if you choose to and more.

I also serve you Kambo medicine ceremonies before working with Ayahuasca to help you to get a good clean before you meet her and journey deeper as you can do more journeying and less cleansing the way. I am there for you during the retreat, to speak to between your journeys and helping you set intentions and process your experiences. Also I am there to support you after your Ayahuasca journey and give you suggestions on retaining a close relationship with Ayahuasca and gift you a 18 month coaching support process you might choose to follow to align you closer to the universal spirit, our creator.
We go to a place where you are safe, can journey deep and dive fully into the world of this medicine. You are supported by a group of people for whom your healing, safety and deep Ayahuasca adventures is #1 priority. We will have local Shamans join us who come from the nearby town, medicine men and women for whom Ayahuasca has been a part of their lives since they were young.


Through the purchase of your Journey to the Inside Ayahuasca retreat, we make a donation on your behalf to two charities: Selva Spirit Association who do a lot of work for the local community in Pucallpa (Peru) and Survival International who are a global organization, addressing many important concerns on the rights of the world’s indigenous societies and their lands.

Selva Spirit Association

A Peruvian Non-profit, based in Pucallpa, Peru. They help with preservation of indigenous culture through various programs. Some of their programs include;  the reforestation of a large parcel of land that was clear cut for cattle, installing a new clean water well in the Shipibo Village of San Fransicsco, sponsoring the local “Intercultural Bilingual School” in Yarina Cocha, and implementing a expansive health program with Water Purification Drops reaching several thousand people in the surrounding communities.

Website:  https://www.selvaspirit.org

Survival International

A non-for profit organization and a global movement for tribal peoples’ rights. They help tribal peoples around the world defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures. They help to prevent the annihilation of tribal peoples and to give them a platform to speak to the world. The vision of Survival International is a world where tribal peoples are respected as contemporary societies and their human rights protected.

Website:  http://www.survivalinternational.org


  • Preparation Coaching – Phone/Skype
  • Body, Spirit and Mind Preparation Plan
  • Kambo Medicine session, including Rapé and Sananga medicines (group setting) Recommended for cleansing prior to your experience (also available for use after your Ayahuasca experience) If we are not able to arrange a Kambo session before/after your experience, this can also be exchanged with an additional 30-60 minutes of coaching support. More information on Kambo Medicine can be found here: http://www.journeytotheinside.com.au/kambo (valued at $200)
  • Connection with our dedicated Flight Agent who gets you the best value / best convenience flights to and from the retreat and helps you organise travel around the retreat dates if desired
  • Facebook group access – meet your fellow friends who will be joining you prior to this adventure and stay updated on preparation topics, planning, post-retreat adventures together and more
  • Travel with us to the retreat if you like
  • 24/7 Email support


  • Ayahuasca Orientation

  • Pick up and drop off from and to Pucallpa Airport

  • Participate in Brewing Ayahuasca

  • Four Ayahuasca Ceremonies

  • Kambo Medicine Ceremoney

  • Rapé Medicine

  • 10 days Accommodation at the retreat

  • Visionary Painting Workshop

  • Excursion to Shipibo Village

  • Yoga & Meditation Classes

  • Shipibo Art Exhibition

  • 10 days of Fresh Dieta Food and Drinks

  • Heart Circle

  • Art Therapy

  • Floral Baths

  • Laundry Service

  • Ceremony Integration Circles

  • Spanish/English Interpreter

  • Connections with me in between Ceremonies

  • Massage and healing sessions also available from centre facilitators (extra)


  • Travelling recommendations and guidance – Peru and some of Bolivia

  • Coaching support via email or phone

  • Detailed Body, Spirit and Mind Integration Plan (how to apply what you gained into your life to create long-term change)

  • An Integration Group Coaching Support Program is also provided to help you integrate your experience

The coaching support, processes and medicines before /after your retreat are an important aspect of achieving the fullest, deepest and long-lasting healing possible. You can travel with a group you can get to know beforehand and will be in a safe environment with powerful and caring Shamans. You can go deeply, fully into yourself and explore/heal. You will be safely and well looked after in doing this.


  • 2x Kambo Ceremonies (one before and one during retreat)

  • 4x Ayahuasca Ceremonies

  • Rapé Tobacco Medicine

  • Food and accommodation

  • Coaching and support before, during and after the retreat

  • Preparation and Integration guides

  • Travel with the group to the Amazon

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Boat Tour and many other activities at the retreat


Feeling the call to join us? Leave your details here and we will be in touch shortly


The comprehensive Preparation Plan gives you access in how to prepare:

  • Physically (Diet and preparation of the body)
  • Mentally (Brainstorming of questions to answer, intention-setting suggestions, how to prepare the mind for the experience) and
  • Practically (What to bring, suggested flight itineraries and possible adventures around the times of your retreat)


  • Physical Integration (Maintaining the Dietary routine and easing your body into a regular cycle)
  • Mental Integration (Applying your learnings into your future life: Career, relationships, etc)
  • Integration suggestions (Tips to help you stay connected with the medicine and your learnings)
  • Morning meditation to stay with the medicine
  • Communication with Family and Loved ones
  • Change of Career/Lifestyle


  • Flights
  • Travel insurance and other personal travel expenses


Date: Late 2019 date to be announced
Location: Pucallpa, Peru

You may choose to fly out back home from the retreat or otherwise travel the beautiful region with some of the others you may have met at the retreat or on your own.


A chat over the phone or doing some work with a different medicine with us in Australia is necessary prior to acceptance because we want to make sure that everyone who joins will be a great addition to the rest of the group. Having the right group dynamic is so important to having an enjoyable time during our retreat, so we take good measures in selecting a good crew.

This is seen by so many as a very special experience and this kind of opportunity might only come once in a lifetime. You’re welcome to apply and I look forward to connecting with you.


Feeling the call to join us? Leave your details here and we will be in touch shortly