Journey to the Inside is about Healing, Self-Discovery and Connection with Spirit.

It is about the journey you take to find yourself. It can be a challenging journey, a lonely journey, one where you may stumble, fall, wonder if you’re on the right track and then gaze in amazement… thinking how did you ever doubt yourself?

How do we work?

We hold local healing ceremonies with Kambo, Rapé (tobacco) and Sananga spirit medicines. We also gift an ongoing connection to spirit coaching process at these sessions and can offer additional coaching if required.

Once a year, we also run Ayahuasca Plant Medicine retreats in Peru, the Amazon jungle.

Around these retreats we also give coaching and preparation support, integration help and more.

It’s an exciting time to work deeply with the medicine in a full immersion with a loving group of people you can get to know beforehand, travel and share experiences with all in a safe environment.

We hope to meet you along the way!

Jana Klintoukh