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Kambo Medicine & More Ceremony


Join us for a local ceremony of releasing, healing and connecting with three powerful spirit medicines. We start the ceremonies at 10am and finish up around 2pm depending on numbers. We limit our ceremonies to just 10 participants max.

Kambo Medicine & More 3 pack


Join us for three powerful ceremonies of releasing, healing and connecting with three powerful medicines in each of your ceremonies.

Working with Kambo over three sessions means we can go deeper with you and help you work specifically on what you are wanting to address.

To give you an idea of how we work over three sessions, first session is your basic treatment and we serve you either on your arm (men) or leg (ladies). After the first Kambo session, we can be more flexible with point locations and serve you medicine on your chakras and other points around the body, depending on your unique situation and what you’re wanting to get healing or release around. If you prefer, you can also let me choose and I will feel into your energy and allocate the points on your body this way.

Once you reserve your first session here, we will be in touch about organising with you the dates of the following two sessions.